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LibertyOur puppies are not only bred for beauty but born to hunt. We strive to produce pups with sweet, tractable, trainable temperaments with style, stamina and desire to spare. Amateur puppy owners will find it easy to excel in show, field, hunting, agility or obedience -- the true testing grounds of our versatile breed!!!! Please contact NMK by EMAIL or phone (916) 681-7077 if you have any questions or want more information -- we love to talk "dogs"!!!!

Upcoming Breedings:
Cole & Mika Fall 2016-Winter 2017
Brisco & Stevie Spring 2017

Cole X Mika: Fall 2016/Winter 2017

NMK's Ain't Behavin' JH NMK's Special Edition Newsflash
Cole Mika

CD Normal Via Parentage

Cole's Page

CD Normal/Normal Via UCDavis 0211-3523-1175-3144

Mika's Page

Brisco X Stevie: Spring 2017

CH NMK's Presumed Innocent JH Brysnif NMK's White Winged Dove to NV JH

CH NMK's Presumed Innocent JH

CH NMK's Presumed Innocent JH

CH NMK's Presumed Innocent JH



OFA Hips Excellent GSP-16221E24M-NOPI
Elbows Normal - GSP-EL1977M24-NOPI
Thyroid Normal GSP-TH223/24M
Cardiac Normal (Cardiologist) GSP-CA1684/27M/C-NOPI-ECHO
Eyes Normal # GSP-EYE74/27M-NOPI

Brisco's Page

OFA Hips Excellent GSP-16604E24F-VPI
Elbows Normal GSP-EL2202F24-VPI
Cardiac Normal (Cardiologist) GSP-CA1824/16F/C-VPI
Eyes Normal GSP-EYE145/9F-PI
CD Normal GSP-CD729/16F-VPI

Stevie's Page

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